Gourmet Preserves

There's a lot that goes into making a really great fruit preserve - choice fruits and a careful manufacturing process by hand to produce a product that's just like you would make it at home.  And that's how we do it!

But sometimes, you need that something extra that makes the preserve a different and special.  So to our Wild Blueberries, picked fresh from the fields of Maine, we have added a hint of lavender.  Our Strawberry Preserves are made with small soft fruit obtained from South America which just burst with flavor, and to which we have added a hint of Champagne. 

We didn't need to add anything to the Black Currant Preserves as this fruit has it's own uniquely rich taste so loved by the Europeans.  But to the Apricot Preserves we have added Vanilla, which adds a unique top note to the tartness of Apricots.