Traditional English Curds

Lemon Curd, the very first and most popular of the fruit curds, originated in England dating back to the early 1800's. The recipe back then was rather literal and not at all how we'd think of Lemon Curd these days.  Then there was ‘Lemon Cheese’ which was used to make lemon tarts. Original recipes advise to 'rasp hard pieces of sugar', as it didn't come in grain form then, against the lemon’s skin in order to remove the zest to extract essence and color.

But nowadays, recipes call for the addition of eggs and butter, and it is considered more of a 'velvety custard' than a jam or jelly. In fact, it's not curd or cheese-like at all.  At Harrowgate Fine Foods we have perfected the art of making English Curds and have been doing it since 2005 when our first jars appeared on the shelves of shops in the USA.

We make our curds the traditional English way - with lots of fruit, eggs, egg yolks and butter and we do not add any thickeners like many others do.  The result is a delicious velvet texture with bright zesty flavors.